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The difference between a GENUINE Mattress Topper like The Cloud, and just another product called a Mattress Topper made from Non-Biodegradable Synthetics is huge. Since “The Cloud” was released into Australia in 2007, the name “Mattress Topper” originally called Bed Topper, is now being used very loosely these days, both online and in retail stores. All sorts of claims are being made of cheap products being soft to sleep upon which is only a small part of being a true Mattress Topper that really performs by suspending the body and helping with extremity aches and pains whilst bringing on relaxing sleep. Paid websites advising consumers the best “look alike” Mattress Topper to purchase are now everywhere online, and whilst sometimes there is a similarity in looks with this product, well-travelled consumers and Hotel guests who have slept on a GENUINE Mattress Topper, certainly understand the importance of this genuine product to take serious sleep comfort and relaxation to a new level.

The larger Mass of All-Natural Fill Required, is Imperative

(Comparing a Queen Bed Cloud to a Queen Bed Synthetic version)

The Cloud™ is made from World Accredited and RDS Certified, All-Natural and Biodegradable Feather and Down for a very good reason!

It is important not to have preconceived ideas about feather and down as used in Quilts/Duvets and Pillows, because the history of Bed / Mattress Toppers shows us that this wonderful combination of natural fibres is second to none in providing the best sleep available, which is still important every day to every human being. For many hundreds of years, feather and down have proven to be the naturally resilient fill materials which conform well to your body’s shape when slept upon. A resting body needs substantial mass to supply the support needed to suspend the body off a bed/mattress long enough for aches / pain relaxation and sleep to occur. Whilst both small feather and down are both very light, feather is still the only fibre that can provide that mass required and it also has the many other benefits of being all-natural. Feather and down are renewable materials which are by-products of the food industry and they do not go to waste and end up in landfills. The All-Natural and Biodegradable Feather and Down used in every Cloud is of the highest standard with World Accreditation and RDS certification so that you can be assured you are sleeping on the absolute best Mattress Topper available.

The Cloud™

Polyesters, Microfibres (all Synthetics and forms of Plastics) which are NON-BIODEGRADABLE and stay in land fill forever, are not part of the Genuine Mattress Topper story. Yes, these extruded synthetic fibres are inexpensive to produce and can be soft to touch, but that is only a small part of being a true Mattress Topper, and as well as providing excessive heat and discomfort to some users, they do not have the fill mass required to perform the proper function of a genuine Bed/Mattress Topper. In the above photo comparing a Queen Bed Cloud to a more generous version of a Synthetic Queen Bed Mattress Topper, it is easy to see The Cloud is almost double the size, because it needs to be, to properly perform as a Genuine Mattress Topper. These light Synthetic look alike Toppers, require straps or skirts to help them stay on the bed, whilst The Cloud requires no fasteners at all, because a genuine Mattress Topper should be rotated and turned occasionally for obvious reasons of sharing the wear.

Whilst Synthetics can be beneficial when used in bedding products which are slept under for warmth or used in intimate soft pillows, they are however an incorrect application when used as a total body support suspended over a mattress as per a Mattress Topper. They are also required to be cool in summer and warm in winter, which is only available when genuine feather and down fill is used, like The Cloud, Australia’s genuine All-Natural Mattress Topper.

The Cloud when packaged is too big for Australia Post!

Most on sellers of Synthetic Mattress Topper products quote Australia Post as being the carrier of choice, however since The Cloud was first introduced in 2007 the product has always been far too large for Australia Post to handle which tells the story immediately. The Cloud is a large parcel because a Genuine Mattress Topper needs to be and it is also delivered anywhere by Direct Freight Express, recognized as one of Australia’s fastest, most reliable and leading freight companies.


Is The Cloud easy to clean?

Yes, it is. Because Mattress Toppers need to use feather and down to produce the excellent results both tired and comfort seeking clients are looking for, the use of genuine feather and down is often seen as more care being required in cleaning. That is not the case with The Cloud, because it will take no longer than 4 to 5 minutes every 3 to 4 months to run a brush or vacuum over your Cloud when regularly vacuuming your mattress for normal hygiene cleaning of bedroom dust etc. It can be looked on as being the same amount of maintenance required to clean your air conditioner filters 2 or 3 times per year. If The Cloud is aired for 30 to 60 minutes once or twice a year, and a Cloud Waterproof protector is used, The Cloud does not require any further cleaning which is very little effort for something so important to good sleep and well-being. However, if cleaning is preferred occasionally, it can easily be done by a professional cleaner only because if it’s size.

Is the Cloud Gen II the same Mattress Topper as The Cloud?

Yes, it is, it is just a packaging change. Many years ago, The Cloud was available in both Platinum and Gen II versions, where the Platinum had more down content. It was decided by our leading Hotels that the Gen II with more feather mass, was extremely soft, more cost effective and a better overall product, because of the extra fill mass which accommodated for a wider range of body weights and sizes.

Why doesn’t The Cloud have elastic straps or a stretch skirt like the cheaper Synthetic versions?

Genuine Mattress Toppers used in the World’s best Hotels, do not have any fasteners because of their fill mass and overall weight keeps them in place and they should always be rotated and turned occasionally for normal wear sharing.

How long will The Cloud last for?

The Cloud, like any high quality and genuine Mattress Topper, is expected to last for around 4 to 5 years when properly used. However, many Hotels have them still in use after 7 years and many caring consumers, even longer. The outer shell on these products has to be made from very thin and light weight Japara Cottons to enhance the softness. If longevity was all that was required, heavy upholstery fabric would be used, but that would not work on a Mattress Topper.

Does The Cloud come with clear instructions on how it should be used?

Yes, a “How to prepare and care for your Cloud” card is included with every Cloud package and information is always available from Cloud Bedding Co.

Why is The Cloud more expensive than Synthetic Mattress Toppers.

It is all about the proper fill used in genuine Mattress Toppers like The Cloud. Feather and down are both by-products of the food industry, however it is imperative they are processed to the absolute highest world standards to meet the accreditation required in high standard countries like Australia, Japan, USA, and parts of Europe. These process steps are time consuming and expensive with exacting quality controls to meet the high standards demanded of these countries.

Synthetics like Polyesters, Microfibre are all extruded Plastics which are inexpensive to produce and that is why they do have a cheap price point.

Whilst the product may look similar from a distance, they are World’s apart when being compared as Mattress Toppers.

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THEY ARE! Only when they are All-Natural Feather and Down

The Cloud All-Natural Mattress Topper has been a proven performer with consumers and Australia’s best Hotels since 2007. Much of the success of The Cloud is from the genuine large quantity of small feather and down used in the fill of each Cloud ensuring the correct mass is supplied for proper body support This important mass of feathers cannot be achieved in the Synthetic products now being sold as Mattress Toppers, however there is more to this story. One of the other most wonderful benefits of the all-natural small soft feather and down used in manufacturing The Cloud, is the very natural “cool in summer” and “warm in winter” phenomenon. This is an important factor in a Mattress Topper and is very different to Synthetics which can often be warm and cause excess sweating to some users. Although it has been proven for many hundreds of years that feather and down are the ultimate all-natural combination to sleep upon, the new age highly accredited and responsibly sourced version used in each and every Cloud has taken sleep comfort to a new level.

The Cloud, still Australia’s No 1 Genuine Mattress Topper


Since 2007, The Cloud All-Natural Mattress Topper has been installed into many thousands of Australian homes and most importantly many of Australia’s best Hotels including the Internationally Forbes Rated Darling Hotels, part of the Star Group. These Hotels, with well-travelled Australian and International clientele must be top tier in every department and especially with the beds their guests sleep in.

The beds chosen are amongst the best available in this country, however The Cloud is also included on every bed to ensure guests experience the absolute best sleep available. Obviously, these guests of all gender and ages come in many shapes and sizes and it is a true test that The Cloud Mattress Topper is still as popular with these properties as when it was first installed.

It is also true that collectively these Hotels have accommodated well in excess of one million nights of guests sleeping on The Cloud with many guests purchasing The Cloud for their own homes.

The Cloud is the original Trademarked Mattress Topper in Australia, and it is also regarded as a genuine Mattress Topper by Australia’s best Hotels. This has proven there is no substitute for the larger overall quantity of small feather and down that supplies the important mass for body support to achieve the most comfortable sleep possible via each and every Cloud sold.

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