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The Cloud Mattress Topper

The Cloud Mattress Topper

Since 2007, Australia’s first and GENUINE Mattress Topper purchased by leading Hotels and consumers wanting the best in body rest and sleep comfort.

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The Cloud Mattress Topper is a prestigious, high-quality topper that blends luxury all-natural feathers and down with a 12cm thickness. For over 13 years, it has been used by leading hotels across Australia; making it the original and trusted Mattress Topper experience.


Contents: 10% Down , 90% Small Soft Feather

Cover: 100% Cotton Japara

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Single / Long Single: 90 x 203

King Single: 107 x 203

Double: 137 x 190

Queen: 152 x 203

King: 182 x 203

Care Instructions

To maximize your Cloud experience, it is recommended airing The Cloud every 8 to 12 months and when used in conjunction with The Cloud Hot Wash Waterproof Protector, laundering is most often never required.

If The Cloud did encounter soiling, it can easily be laundered by a reputable cleaning professional, keeping in mind The Cloud has a much larger volume (often double) than other synthetic Mattress Toppers.

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The Cloud is a Trade Marked Mattress Topper, using only world accredited, all-natural feather and down fill. A Genuine Mattress Topper will not have straps and skirts because it does not move on the mattress like light weight synthetics, and it is meant to be both turned over and rotated occasionally for obvious increased long-term performance.

All the hype today from cheap synthetic Toppers making unscrupulous claims, can be confusing. There is a lot more to a Mattress Topper than being soft to touch, it must be body supportive with substantial mass, whilst being cool in summer and warm in winter.

Used by Leading Hotels including:

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Why you should choose The Cloud Mattress Topper

Australia's No 1 Since 2007

  • Cloud Bedding Co - The Cloud Mattress Topper Feather Icon

    Natural Fibres

    The Natural Feathers in The Cloud Mattress Topper provide Breathability, Temperature Regulation, and Natural Fibre benefits. The Cloud also has a 100% Cotton Japara Cover adding to the Natural Fibre experience.

  • Cloud Bedding Co - The Cloud Mattress Topper Fill Mass Icon

    Correct Fill Mass

    The right fill mass is vital for a mattress topper—it ensures proper support and comfort. Too much or too little filling can lead to discomfort and an uneven surface. The correct balance enhances sleep quality by reducing pressure points.

  • Cloud Bedding Co - The Cloud Mattress Topper Breathable Icon


    The Cloud Mattress Topper is beneficial for its breathability, promoting optimal air circulation. The Cloud can be easily rotated ensure an ongoing and restful sleep allowing you to wake up refreshed each morning.

  • Cloud Bedding Co - The Cloud Mattress Topper Cold In Summer Icon

    Cool In Summer

    The Feathers in The Cloud allow for increased air circulation, preventing heat retention and promoting a cooler sleep surface. This breathability helps regulate temperature, making the feather and down mattress topper a comfortable choice for all seasons.

  • Cloud Bedding Co - The Cloud Mattress Topper Warm in Winter Icon

    Warm In Winter

    The Feather and Down used in The Cloud has the ability to breath as the natural loft of feathers creates pockets of air. Unlike synthetic filled mattress toppers, this All Natural Feather and Down fill can achieve and regulate a comfortable temperature between you and your Mattress Topper.

  • Cloud Bedding Co - The Cloud Mattress Topper Biodegradable Icon


    The fill used in The Cloud breaks down naturally over time, returning to the environment without causing harm. Choosing a biodegradable mattress topper is an environmentally friendly option, contributing to sustainable practices and reducing the impact on the planet.

No Straps / Skirts Required

Genuine Mattress Toppers used in the World’s best Hotels, do not have any straps / skirts because of their fill mass and overall weight keeps them in place. Having no restricting straps allows you to easily rotate, turn over, and fluff up occasionally for normal wear sharing and maximum comfort.

Cloud Bedding Co - The Cloud Mattress Topper

Australia's Original Cloud Since 2007

The Cloud (trade marked) is Australia’s original and genuine All Natural - Mattress Topper, first introduced to this country in 2007 when they were originally called Bed Toppers.

Since then, The Cloud has enjoyed huge success in Australia's best Hotels including iconic properties such as The Darling, The Star, the boutique Halcyon House and many other quality Hotels throughout Australia. Guests from these properties are always impressed with what they have experienced and many purchase The Cloud for their own beds at home.

17 years later, The Cloud is still a most trusted original product with both luxury Hotels and discerning Australian consumers who understand The Cloud difference. The Cloud will never lower standards and change quality, just to compete with the many hundreds of cheaper synthetic versions of this Topper now being offered to unwary consumers.

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Feather and Down: Elevating Mattress Toppers to Unmatched Support and Comfort Heights!

There are two types of feathers and down suitable for Bedding Accessories: goose feather/down and duck feather/down, both fully biodegradable. Typically combined for higher quality, these natural fibers are used in better cushions and pillows, providing improved performance.

Goose down or a blend of goose feather and down is used primarily for quilts and pillows, emphasizing softness over support. The larger goose down cluster traps more air, offering warmth and a lighter feel. On the other hand, duck down, with smaller clusters, is more suitable for Mattress Toppers like The Cloud, where world-accredited small feather and down provide the perfect blend of softness and substantial fill mass for body support.

The Cloud Mattress Topper, renowned for its ideal softness, loft, and breathability, utilizes high-quality feather and down components. These renewable materials, by-products of the food industry, are all-natural, biodegradable, and meet world accreditation and RDS certification standards for the best sleep experience.

Preparing The Cloud

Why do the World’s Best Hotels use Feather Down All-Natural Mattress Toppers?


For many hundreds of years throughout the World in both hot and cold climates, this proven all-natural combination of generous feather down fibre for a proper heavier mass to provide correct support, has always been the epitome of supreme comfort. The additional softness from the small feather and down, always offers the most comfortable and blissful sleep available. A very important feature of The Cloud like all genuine and original Mattress Toppers throughout the world, is that it has an all-natural filling (NO SYNTHETICS) so it is naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.

Guest Preference

Today, The Cloud Mattress Topper is used by Australia’s best Hotels including the FORBES RATED 6 Star Darling Hotel, to lay over their already highest quality bed ensembles. Many of their local and International guests are very well travelled staying in the World’s best Hotels regularly and these clients expect and want only the very best to sleep on.

No Synthetic Fill

The Cloud filling does not have any synthetics, microfibres, (plastics) rubbers, or any other fill versions to take away from the experience of sleeping on natures proven and most comfortable combination of soft feather and down. Although The Cloud is the original Mattress Topper in this country since 2007, there are now many “look a likes”, however they are not at all the same product, many just made from cheaper synthetics. These synthetic filled products are very inexpensive, however they should be because of the quality being sold.

No Elastic Straps

A genuine Mattress Topper should not have elastic straps, stretch skirts or fasteners to hold it on a mattress. The Mattress Topper is meant to be turned and rotated occasionally for obvious reasons of sharing the wear. The Cloud with its correct weight of fill always sits in position and does around not move like most lightweight synthetic versions.

World Accreditation

The world class mills producing The Cloud feather and down components and finishing, are RDS certified with Responsible Down Standard Version 3.0. No harmful chemicals are used in the production of The Cloud and the finishing factories are ISO 9001:2000 certified, including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant to ensure any concerns re allergies or harmful chemicals are never an issue. These high standard requirements using responsibly sourced all-natural feather and down as seen in the best quality garments, are used in the US, Australia and also Japan and they are considered the world’s highest standards.

Over One Million Nights

Some of Australia’s best 5-star Hotel groups including the Star and Darling Hotels, have accumulated over 1,000,000 nights of guests experiencing the absolute best sleep available with The Cloud. These are discerning guests from all parts of Australia and around the World and as you would expect, they come in many shapes and sizes. The one thing in common all of these guests experience, is the wonderful sleep that stays in their memory. This Cloud sleep experience brings Hotel guests back and it strengthens the important advantage our Hotel clients have in their industry.

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