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Is The Cloud easy to clean?

The Cloud Mattress Topper is low-maintenance. Regular vacuuming every 3-4 months takes just 4-5 minutes, similar to cleaning air conditioner filters a few times a year. If aired and used with a Waterproof Protector, it rarely needs cleaning. If cleaning is desired, a professional cleaner can easily handle it due to its size.

Why no elastic straps on The Cloud?

Genuine Mattress Toppers used in the World’s best Hotels, do not have any fasteners because of their fill mass and overall weight keeps them in place and they should always be rotated and turned occasionally for normal wear sharing.

How long will The Cloud last for?

The Cloud, like any high quality and genuine Mattress Topper, is expected to last for around 4 to 5 years when properly used. However, many Hotels have them still in use after 7 years and many caring consumers, even longer.

The outer shell on these products has to be made from very thin and light weight Japara Cottons to enhance the softness. If longevity was all that was required, heavy upholstery fabric would be used, but that would not work on a Mattress Topper.

Why is The Cloud pricier than Synthetic Toppers?

It is all about the proper fill used in genuine Mattress Toppers like The Cloud. Feather and down are both by-products of the food industry, however it is imperative they are processed to the absolute highest world standards to meet the accreditation required in high standard countries like Australia, Japan, USA, and parts of Europe. These process steps are time consuming and expensive with exacting quality controls to meet the high standards demanded of these countries.

Synthetics like Polyesters, Microfibre are all extruded Plastics which are inexpensive to produce and that is why they do have a cheap price point.

Whilst the product may look similar from a distance, they are World’s apart when being compared as Mattress Toppers.

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Why You Need The Cloud!

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The distinction between an authentic mattress topper like 'The Cloud' and generic counterparts made from non-biodegradable synthetics is significant. Since 'The Cloud' debuted in Australia in 2007, the term 'mattress topper,' originally known as a bed topper, has become widely misused. Claims abound about the softness of cheap alternatives, overlooking the true purpose of a mattress topper—to support the body, alleviate aches, and promote restful sleep. Numerous websites now recommend 'look-alike' mattress toppers, but experienced consumers and hotel guests who have slept on a genuine mattress topper recognize the unparalleled comfort and relaxation it brings. The importance of choosing a genuine product for elevated sleep quality cannot be overstated.

The larger Mass of All-Natural Fill Required, is Imperative

(Comparing a Queen Bed Cloud to a Queen Bed Synthetic version)

The Cloud™ is made from World Accredited and RDS Certified, All-Natural and Biodegradable Feather and Down for a very good reason!

It is important not to have preconceived ideas about feather and down as used in Quilts/Duvets and Pillows, because the history of Bed / Mattress Toppers shows us that this wonderful combination of natural fibres is second to none in providing the best sleep available, which is still important every day to every human being. For many hundreds of years, feather and down have proven to be the naturally resilient fill materials which conform well to your body’s shape when slept upon. A resting body needs substantial mass to supply the support needed to suspend the body off a bed/mattress long enough for aches / pain relaxation and sleep to occur.

Whilst both small feather and down are both very light, feather is still the only fibre that can provide that mass required and it also has the many other benefits of being all-natural. Feather and down are renewable materials which are by-products of the food industry and they do not go to waste and end up in landfills. The All-Natural and Biodegradable Feather and Down used in every Cloud is of the highest standard with World Accreditation and RDS Certification so that you can be assured you are sleeping on the absolute best Mattress Topper available.